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Excellent!!! I am sad that I have to leave when my lease expires but it is only due to personal reasons. The apartments are very nice and I even have a washer & dryer in my unit and everything works well. Christy and Paul are very professional, nice and very attentive to whatever you ask them. They really know how to make you feel welcome. The area is very nice and the apts. are tucked in the beautiful area of Brairgrove Park, and next to a very nice park and most importantly is the safety of the whole apartments' area. The grounds are perfectly maintained and the pool's are very nice and clean.

-The Abbey at Briargrove Park Resident

I love it here!!! Paul and Christy are always VERY helpful and they take all my complaints very seriously. I have never had the maintenance go un-noticed. I am a single woman, and feel very safe here, I have come home late many times and not been worried about my safety at all. I also enjoy being within walking distance of the park and the quiet neighborhood. Parking is always available, and I love the fact that there is no assigned spots. These apartments are not new, but they have been remodeled, and everything works in my unit with no problems. Also, the windows are nice and large, allowing tons of natural light in! I am sad that I have to leave when my lease is up to relocate to another city, but would recommend these apartments to anyone!

-The Abbey at Briargrove Park Resident

During my six month lease (October, 2010 - March, 2011), I could not have been happier with this property. My unit was spotlessly clean and freshly painted when I moved in, and the complex as a whole is very quiet, and appeared to be occupied mostly by professionals of all ages. 

As for the units themselves . . . they are very spacious. I looked at over 20 properties in the area with similar rent structures, and NONE had rooms anywhere near the size of my unit.

The office staff is not only very cordial, but very stable with no turnover. The grounds and common areas are well-kept and fairly modern. My unit had a stacked W/D, but some units have full-size units, and there are several common laundry areas with many W/D units per area. The fitness center is on-par with those you would find in much more expensive properties, and there is a nice neighborhood park adjacent to the property.

But what I loved most about this place, above all, was how quiet it was compared to others I visited.  I DARE you to find a better value in the area, and I guarantee that you'll not regret living here.

- Submitted by A.N.

 I lived at the Abbey for 2.5 years per recommendation of a coworker who had lived there for 2 years before moving in with her now husband.

I had a great experience with the complex and staff. The location was great for my office in the galleria area with east access to the beltway and I-10. The staff was always very helpful and quick to respond to anything I needed. I found the rates to be very fair in comparison to other complexes inside the belt.

The units themselves I found to be well put together and overall I was very happy with my time at the Abbey and my only reason for moving is I wanted to be able to ride my bike to work so I needed to move a little closer to the galleria area.

- Submitted By A.

I have lived at The Abbey At Briargrove Park for almost eight years.  I stay here because it’s the best area so far and the best group of people who run it.  I will not move if I have the choice of doing so!

- Submitted by E.B.

Fast response!  Very attentive!  Friendly staff!  Beautiful grounds and lovely amenities!

- Submitted by S.

The staff at The Abbey at Briargrove Park is excellent.  They always make sure that the residents are comfortable and continuously make sure we are their number one concern>

- Submitted by A.W.

This complex is great.  Management staff is wonderful and they keep the pool and grounds superb.  I have lived here since 1999!

- Submitted by M.J.

I feel safe here!

- Submitted by A.S.

We had a good time at the swimming pool.  Me and my wife have lived here close to 2 years.  We enjoyed the nice locality and gated community.  We will refer to others about this apartment.

- Submitted by S.V. & S.V.

I have been here 1 year and just renewed my lease for another 2 years.  I am extremely happy here at The Abbey At Briargrove Park.  The grounds are well kept and the management team takes care of us.

- Submitted by M.E.G.

Love The Abbey At Briargrove Park!  Nice apartment, great neighbors, fabulous Management.

- Submitted by A.C.

My daughter and I absolutely love living at The Abbey At Briargrove Park.  The office staff and maintenance are very friendly and tends to your needs with a smile and in a timely manner.  The grounds and pools are immaculate!  I love coming home here.  I truly feel at home at The Abbey At Briargrove Park.  Thank you!

- Submitted by L.S.

I like the small, clean apartment complex.  The staff is friendly and maintenance responds on time.   I really like it here.

- Submitted by T.S.

I am a new resident to The Abbey At Briargrove Park and my entire experience has been fantastic.  The staff has been very helpful and supportive during my move-in process.  I have a great view from my apartment and I cuoldn’t be happier to be living in such a safe and beautiful community.

- Submitted by E.A.

We have been a resident at The Abbey At Briargrove Park for over two years.  Our experience has been delightful.  The staff are extremely friendly and helpful while the maintenance personnel are very responsive to any request you have.  The property is well maintained and there is a strong sense of community.  I have lived at other more expensive apartments but have not felt as safe and comfortable as I have experienced at The Abbey At Briargrove Park.  This is arguably one of the best communities I have ever lived at.

- Submitted by J.P. & K.M.

Very quiet, clean, nice tenants, great office, very affordable.

- Submitted by C.R.

Been living at The Abbey At Briargrove Park going on 4 years now.  I like the small community, the personal relationship the Abbey employees make with the tenants.  Over these 4 years, the commitment to keeping the grounds clean, the quick response to requests and professional manner will keep me living here for years to come.  My only negative is that I could use a maid service! J  Love this place!!

- Submitted by N.B.

I have been a Resident for 3+ years and I have so enjoyed all of the Abbey staff & so many of my neighbors.  I feel very safe and secure here.  I have also enjoyed the special events that have brought us all together enjoying livation with all.  Thanks for all your smiles and hello’s!

- Submitted by C.D.B.

Been here for 18 months and will never move because of Christy and staff.  They’re the very best.

- Submitted by C.O.

I have lived here 3 years.  I really enjoy living in a true residential area and not an apartment complex.  The park next door just adds to the comfortable feeling you get living here.

- Submitted by S.F.

The grounds are mowed weekly and the hedges are well kept.  I have not seen trash out in the open throughout the complex.

- Submitted by S.

I have been at The Abbey At Briargrove Park for 3 years.  I enjoy living here because of the beautiful grounds, closeness to the park, friendly staff, and quick response to maintenance requests.

- Submitted by K.L.E.

We are happy & secure in our apartment home.  All is fresh & clean of all exteriors and Staff is great, attentive & quick to respond.  We’ve been here 4 years and are all around satisfied with personnel, office staff!!  They keep our interests in mind.  Very organized!!

- Submitted by P.A.

I have been here 1 year.  The staff is always friendly & helpful.  The maintenance is always done quickly & they do a great job.  Everyone always says “hi” when you see them on the property.  This is a nice, quiet area & I really enjoy living here.

- Submitted by K.C.

I have lived here since November 1985 – what else is there to say?  NO plans on moving!

- Submitted by B.J.

This complex is by far the nicest apartments I have lived in.  The grounds are always well kept.  The gym is always clean.  The office staff is very warm and welcoming.  I only have nice things to say since I have been here.  Almost 4 years of peace and quiet.  Thanks Abbey At Briargrove Park for the quality living environment.

- Submitted by C.B. & R.B.

Only a few weeks of living here so far, but this place is amazing!  The staff and residents are so helpful and welcoming.  The grounds are beautiful!  We go swimming every day.  There could not be a more perfect place to live! Thanks, Abbey At Briargrove Park!

- Submitted by T. & C.

The residents at The Abbey At Briargrove Park are like family as well as the staff.  My family has been treated extremely well by everyone in this complex.  I love the grounds for the greenery and kept up atmosphere.  The maintenance is quick, thorough and very polite.  The management has been courteous, helpful and bent over backwards to cater to tenant’s needs.  I appreciate very much so this complex as a whole as my family! J

- Submitted by M.B. & Q.M.

I have lived here for 2 years and think this apartment complex has the best staff around.  They are friendly and helpful and go beyond the call of duty to ensure that everything is maintained properly and is as easy for the residents as possible.

- Submitted by J.C.

Caring management and maintenance.  A lot of nice tenants.

- Submitted by F.L.D.

The office is always nice and friendly.  The property is always clean.  They are very helpful.

- Submitted by C.C.

I have been at The Abbey At Briargrove Park location for almost a year now.  It has been a good experience for us so far.  The location is very convenient and also safely tucked away.  The staff and the maintenance folks are always helpful.  Looking forward to another year, possibly beyond.

- Submitted by P.L.

Very quiet & clean community.

- Submitted by H.P.

I have lived here 2 months and I like living here because it is quiet.

- Submitted by P.N.

Staff is willing to help with anything at anytime.  Always great with a smile and always wow you with service.

- Submitted by A.P.

I have lived in this community for two years and plan on signing my contract for another year.  Very good service and helpful.  I have been recommending to all my friends to move here.  Thanks.

- Submitted by A.L.

I have been here 10 years and I love it!  I like the say they take my packages.  I love the staff and how they always take care of business.

- Submitted by M.W.

This complex is set in a quiet neighborhood and the Residents like their privacy.  There are no domestic issues, no vandalism, no loud music.  Neighbors help if needed and leave you to your peace and serenity.  Everyone is cordial.  This is also a pet loving community.  If you are out walking your dog – expect people to meet your pet.  Beautiful, well-maintained grounds and responsive maintenance team – when needed.  For me, Management really listens if I have a concern about anything in the complex.  Love this place and would recommend it to anyone.

- Submitted by G.

Not only is The Abbey At Briargrove Park a wonderful place to stay, but the Management & workers are simply world-class.  They respond to repairs and maintenance on time.  They provide excellent service & they have also created a family-like environment.  I will always recommend people to stay here because of their culture & their work ethic.

- Submitted by O.W. & I.W.

I have been a resident at The Abbey At Briargrove Park for a little over a year.  I love how quiet it is and the fact that I know my neighbors.  The landscaping is unique and the staff is friendly and prompt in their responses.

- Submitted by V.O.

I have been here 14 years and have no complaints of any of the help.  The apartments are very well kept.  The landscape is always kept very beautiful.  Anytime I need something fixed or repaired, they are very prompt.  I think of all of the help as my friends and like them all.  I give them a 10++++ and +.  I am very happy here and would not leave.

- Submitted by M.G.M.

I have been here 2.5 months.  This is great, office staff is great & friendly.

- Submitted by M.G.

New staff is great!  Having a rough transition in life & they took care of me and made things easy.  Thank you.

- Submitted by S.S.

I have been living in this apartment since Summer 2006, where I find a very quiet living, no problems and very secure home living.  Thank you for keeping this place the way you have been doing.

­- Submitted by F.T.M.

I have always had good service for needing anything done and they are very kind.  I really enjoy staying here.

- Submitted by M.W.

I have lived at The Abbey At Briargrove Park for three months and have enjoyed my stay.  The complex is very quiet, safe, and close to a variety of shops & services.

- Submitted by R.R.

I have lived at this property for over 16 years.  The management and staff have always been courteous and accommodating.  My maintenance requests have been met quite promptly, with satisfactory work completed.  I hope to remain a resident here in the future.

- Submitted by T.B.

Very quiet, clean and very well maintained, and pool is very clean.

Submitted by N.

In the eleven and a half years I have lived here (The Abbey At Briargrove Park), I have been extremely happy.  I am particularly happy with the quality of service provided by our Abbey Team.

- Submitted by F.F.T.

Lived here for 3 years – moved only to move in with Dad and save money – and then loved it so much I moved back a year ago.  This complex has the feel of a small town and the apartments feel like little homes instead of apartments.

- Submitted by B.F.

The maintenance staff is great and quick to respond.  Management is friendly and always on top of things.  Great, safe neighborhood.

- Submitted by A.

Home is the finest and I appreciate the staff at the office for their prompt service always.

- Submitted by T.L.

I have been here for 9 months.  The Abbey At Briargrove Park is located in a quiet and safe area.  Friendly neighbors and good service make me feel very comfortable everyday.  I like my home here.

- Submitted by M.C.

We have leased here from October 2010.  My husband and I love the property here.  We feel very safe and it’s so quiet and peaceful.  We would (and have) recommended The Abbey At Briargrove Park to many of our friends and family.  We will be sad to leave when the time comes.

- Submitted by B.Y. & B.Y.

Christy has been so sweet & helpful during our residence here.  She has gone out of her way to make us happy and comfortable.  We have signed a new 2-year lease because of her honesty and integrity.

- Submitted by S.S. & E.S.

The Abbey At Briargrove Park is a great place to live.  I have been here for a year and have nothing but good things to say about this complex.  Everything from the property to the staff is great.

- Submitted by L.B.

Me and my family have lived here for 2 years and we are looking forward to our 3rd year.  The reason we love The Abbey At Briargrove Park is because The Abbey At Briargrove Park loves and cares about its’ residents.  The front office is polite and courteous.  I’m always greeted every time I enter the door.  The maintenance crew is very quick with doing work orders in a timely manner.  I will always recommend this property to anyone.

- Submitted by A.S.

Management keeps a great property.  Quiet, well-maintained, and plenty of night lighting.

- Submitted by A.H.

I have lived here for 2 years and have been impressed by Christy and the entire staff.  The maintenance crew as well as the landscapers have been equally great.  I plan on renewing my lease.  I’ve been very happy here.  Thanks!

- Submitted by A.

The apartments aren’t flashy like some of the new apartments, but they are a good value for nice-looking apartments.  The complex is quiet, the neighborhood is great, with an ideal location.  This was the perfect balance for our needs.

- Submitted J.M.

I have been here for 2 years and love the apartment staff.

- Submitted by C.N.

I have lived at The Abbey At Briargrove Park with my husband and daughter since February 2004 and we love it.  The staff is always helpful and for apartment communities go, this has to be one of the best in Houston!

- Submitted by Y.P.

I have lived at The Abbey At Briargrove Park apartments for around five years.  From my entry to present, I have found the staff and apartment personnel exceptional in their responses and courtesies to my needs and requests.  As a long-time apartment dweller, here and elsewhere, I am confident in saying they are exceptional.  I recommend the complex for living quarters.

- Submitted by M.P.

When I moved into The Abbey At Briargrove Park it was a very stressful time in my life.  Christy and her team made the transition much more pleasant and comfortable.  Living at The Abbey At Briargrove has been a pleasure.

- Submitted by E.J.

I’ve been here 1 week and I am very impressed with the property, the tenants, and the staff, especially Tosha.  The pool is clean and quiet.  The apartment was clean and the move-in was easy.

- Submitted by J.B.

I moved in about a month ago.  So far it’s been great.  The staff is friendly and professional.  It’s a cozy, quiet, convenient and well-kept property.  I’m a dog owner and it’s dog friendly, there is a neighborhood park right next door.  My unit is spacious, updated and a good value for the money.  I have no regrets, would recommend it to anyone I know.  Thanks!

- Submitted by D.B.

I have been living at The Abbey At Briargrove Park for more than one year.  I will say the experience is great or in other words . . . awesome!  The people in the office are nice.  The place is safe.  Meanwhile, the apartment office thinks we are an active part of our community, and we are contributing to the whole community.  In a word, the experience is great!

- Submitted by Y.W.

I have been a resident here since July 2, 2011.  I am new, but I absolutely love it here.  The staff takes great care of me and I enjoy all of them very much.  I wish I had known about this complex 3 years ago.  I would have moved in then!

- Submitted by J.T.

Every time there has been any question, the staff here have gone above & beyond to ensure things are not only taken care of in a speedy manner, but also take the time to explain the process so understanding is achieved!  A great place to live; I look forward to our many years ahead in this delightful community, and I’ve told all of my friends that they need to come live here!

- Submitted by A.M.

Been here 4 months; love it!  All the residents are very friendly and welcoming, which was great considering I just moved to Houston.  The staff was also very helpful, giving me all kinds of info about the area for a new tenant.

- Submitted by J.N.

The Abbey At Briargrove Park is a great place to live.  I’ve enjoyed and still enjoy living here.  All the staff is so nice and accommodating.  They always do for everyone the very best that they possibly can to make us comfortable.  I’m always talking with people to try to have them live here and enjoy what we have here!  You should treat the staff with great respect and admiration.

- Submitted by I.A.

Just moved to The Abbey At Briargrove Park (The Abbey) 2 months ago and during a stressful time, moving, Christy the Manager was very helpful & encouraging on my move.  Also the Assistant, Tosha, has been courteous & both deserve a raise.  The Maintenance staff also is quiet efficient getting to maintenance issues in a timely manner.  Give them a raise too – as good people are always hard to replace.

- Submitted by S.G.

Mom has lived here a year and every time I go to the office for anything, the staff are always friendly and helpful to her and I have no complaints about the service.  Great place!!

- Submitted by C.J.

The Abbey At Briargrove Park – what can you say about this place?  MAGNIFIQUE!  Magnificent covers it all.  Friendly management and staff always there when you need them.  If the office is closed?  Do not worry, they shall attend to you ASAP!  The maintenance is bar none, quick, concise, and they will get the job done.  Dear Abbey, whatever you are doing, do NOT stop for you are a place anyone can call home.

- Submitted by F.O.

I have been here since November, 2009, and Christy makes all the difference – she keeps the property very clean, repairs are made promptly and always well done – and we have a friendly atmosphere due to Christy’s special skills with people – I love Christy – because she solves problems with diplomacy – and the landscape is beautiful!

- Submitted by M.A.

Tosha, Christy & Paul were and have been the best team of community Managers that I’ve ever experienced.  They are very reliable, knowledgeable and friendly.  I trust that no matter what I need or want, I can come to the office and / or call to discuss.

- Submitted by D.W.

I’ve visited the property a few times over the past few years.  Property and grounds are well kept, and staff is friendly and courteous.  Great property!! J

- Submitted by L.L.

We have been living here with “The Abbey At Briargrove Park” for a little over three years and we feel very fortunate to have found these apartments – not only are they centrical but they are located next door to a little forest and nestled in a beautiful neighbourhood.  The maintenance and staff work so hard and are always friendly and open to help when you need something. The grounds are very well kept, safe and full of greenery and since it is a small complex, a sense of community is felt.  It is a pleasure to live here and to call “Abbey” our home.

Yours warmly, The C. Family

I have been here since 2008.  There is not another property I would rather be at!  The Manager and staff have always been fantastic and ready to assist with anything I need.  I would never even consider another property!

- Submitted by T.P.

I have lived here for 3 years and have loved every minute of it.  It is a well-kept community in an excellent part of town.  The Management staff is the best.  They are always friendly and have all issues resolved the same day.  The nits have been updated and are well worth the price.  Highly recommend.  5 stars out of 5.

- Submitted by R.M.

It’s great to be a part of The Abbey At Briargrove Park Family as a resident.  I and my sister have been living here for almost 2 years and we’re so happy to call this peaceful place as our “home”.  Moreover, the people, management, staff, neighbors are so friendly and helpful that make us really comfortable in here.  So, if you’re looking for living in a peaceful neighborhood and great apartment homes, The Abbey At Briargrove Park is a good address to realize your expectations for living.

- Submitted by C.U.

I have been here for about a year and a half.  This complex is quiet and the staff here is great.  I am also a returning resident.  Plus, Tosha is a great help.

- Submitted by S.H.

Lived here twice – once for two years & returned after living overseas.  It is quiet, clean & has loads of good people.  The service from the staff is always excellent.

- Submitted by P.P.

I have lived here for 3 years & have loved every minute of it.  It is a well-kept community in an excellent part of town.  The management staff is the best.  They are always friendly and have all issues resolved the same day.  The units have been updated and are well worth the price.  Highly recommended.  5 starts out of 5.

- Submitted by R.M.

I moved here from Miami in 2010.  I rented this place sight unseen because of the location. I love The Abbey At Briargrove Park.  It's so quiet, neighbors are so friendly, it’s like you are part of the family.  I will definitely miss this place, but due to circumstances I have to leave. On that note, the staff here are great, I appreciate all their help and understanding especially with my unexpected move, they really did everything possible to make this move work out for my favor. This is a great place to live. I miss everyone already.  It’s been a pleasure

­- Submitted by M.M.

We moved here from FL in Feb, 2011, we've been here for 10 months. We love the area and the people living here. The common areas are always clean and there is plenty of parking available (we have 3 cars).  The residents are very friendly and it is very quiet.  We feel very safe living here.  The park next to the apartments is very convenient and a great place for us to walk our dog. One of the reasons we moved here was because they accept dogs of all sizes. The rent is great.  The staff is a pleasure to work with. They are very kind, respectful and caring.  They always respond to your requests immediately or in a timely manner.  When you're here, you're family, and the staff will take care of you.  We highly recommend living here.

- Submitted by M.M.

An apartment locator helped me find The Abbey at Briargrove Park in Summer of 2008. I needed to find a place that accepted large dogs, was close to my work, and was a safe place to live. The Abbey At Briargrove Park filled the bill. The apartment complex is right next to a city park and it is a convenient place to walk dogs. The landscaping is always kept up very nicely. The complex is normally quiet and neighbors are friendly. Repair requests were always handled in a timely manner. I was usually able to park right in front of my apartment. The Abbey At Briargrove Park is a recognized safe community by the Houston Blue Star Program.

The complex was built in the 1970's but they did a big remodeling upgrade, just before I moved in in 2008. I recommended The Abbey at Briargrove Park to a friend from work, and he leased an apartment here.  Unfortunately, I need to move out due to a job relocation.

 - Submitted by K.C.

The Abbey at Briargrove Park has been an amazing place for me and my wife and our little girl, N.G. The beauty of the interior with the wood floors and the beauty of the location with the city escape feel the shaded woods provides have been a welcome and safe atmosphere.  Unfortunately, despite our great desire to stay, we find ourselves at a financial crossroads that requires a change in our budget and demands a new location that is more within our budget.  When we moved here, both Ruth and I were working. When we decided we wanted her to have the ability to stay home and raise Natalie (and our upcoming child!), we knew the possibility of having to leave The Abbey At Briargrove Park might be a consequence.  As sad as we are to go, we cherish the memories we've made here and look to the future and a possible return once the economy turns more favorable for our growing family.  Again, we thank you for the memories we've made and look forward to the future.

 - Submitted by A.M.

To the owner or owners of The Abbey At Briargrove Park:

I have resided at your complex for nearly 1½ years.  I am writing this note to let you know how much of a pleasure it has been.  One of the best things that has happened in this community is the selection of Christy, your Property Manager.  She has been so helpful while at my stay.  Her personality is one to be desired by many.  She has the ability to administer duties to others with great confidence and know how.  She has the unique talent of "having an iron hand with a velvet glove", one in which few people have.  Her staff exhibit the same flexibility as the one Christy shows.  A born leader is what you have there in her presence.  Your selection of her to manage your property is to be commended.

Regards – M.S.

If you have the opportunity to live here at The Abbey At Briargrove Park.......JUST DO IT!!  You will not regret it! Having been here for 4 years now I must say I have not one complaint! This is coming from a 2nd grade school teacher who loves things done properly at all times.  Christy and Tosha run this property like champs.  This community is quiet and the grounds are always kept so neatly.  I love it here!!!

 - Submitted by K.B.

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